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No Technical Assembly Necessary: How to Get a Custom Tear Drop Flag Ordered

Advertising Flags are really unique and eye-catching ways to market a brand. Not everyone manages to use them in the marketing campaign, which is why they are so original and they stick out when a company does decide to use them. Getting custom tear drop decorative flags are extremely easy, technically. Individuals should be able to get one made within a matter of a week with only a single image upload.

Upload and Choose

Technically, it is very easy to get custom blade flags made. Customers are prompted to submit a few specifications on what they’re looking for. This will include two main custom features. The first is the size of the flag. The second is the type of poll that is needed. There are three sizes pulled right from a general understanding. The sizes are small, medium, and large. A small is about 6 feet long whereas a large is double that at just over 12 feet. The medium length is a solid ten feet long, and is the most popular option out there.

The Price of the Flag

Advertising flag prices change with certain order quantity brackets. Customers can purchase one or two single flags. From there, the quantity jumps in sections that average from 3 to 5, from 6 to 11, from 12 to 24, and 25+. The price gets cut down slightly with each bracket jump. For example, a single flag can cost just over $100. When ordering in quantities from 3 to 5, the price is about $95, with a $10 drop with each bracket jump.

These are all just typical assessments of how much it costs, but there are a few alterations that could change this overall cost. For example, customers can get discounts related to consistent orders. These prices also accommodate any color in any size, within reason. Customers can add multiple colors even in excess of five or more with no effect on the cost per flag. There are also different materials one can use in the size. Most flags are made with 200 Denier nylon. It is a substance that has a substantial amount of stretch in it. This type of nylon is also built to withstand a lot of wear and tear which should come on from excessive wind, rain, and other weather.

In all, these flags are buzzworthy additions to a local marketing camapign. They attract serious attention, and where others are not using them, a brand can stick out in a serious way.